NUA Film Series

who is nua for?

who is nua for?

who is nua for?

NUA is for anyone who is interested in learning more and asking tough questions about the Christian faith—it's designed for young adults but any critical mind of any age would benefit from NUA.

The NUA Film Series and accompanying materials were created with multiple uses in mind:

for teachers

This series is designed to act as a viable supplement for Religious Education in schools. We’ve provided all the information necessary to meet curriculum protocol and we’re confident it will add to depth and engagement to the classroom. Along with the film series, users will receive teaching guides featuring lesson plans, suggestions for group activities, discussion topics, and NUA challenges! 

for university chaplains

University students are taught to think critically and independently — NUA will stretch minds and promote personal growth. Chaplains will find the teaching guides useful for discussion starters.

for churches/parishes

NUA is a gift for the whole global church. For clergy, youth workers, parish, and pastoral workers, NUA represents an entire season of learning. Watch the video episodes together and encourage your group to consider, journal, and discuss their reactions to the content. NUA allows viewers to engage and think critically, exploring their doubts and fears in a safe environment.

for alpha follow on

NUA is an ideal follow on to Alpha. There's a growing need for suitable resources following on from Alpha and we believe we've created a really good one.

for you

You don’t need an organised gathering to engage with NUA. To get stuck in, all you need is a group of mates and maybe some popcorn. These films are a chance to explore, ask questions, express doubts, and wrestle with your beliefs, all while watching our short engaging films with friends.